6 Lessons Learned from the Pope (Yes, the Pope) Today


Today has been a pretty magical day, that all started with a 3:30am wake up call.

Yes, waking up that early is never a treat, but when you have the opportunity to be in the presence of the Pope, you kinda just do what it takes.

I believe that one of the true privileges of my life is to have the opportunity to go on adventures that take me to special places and meet with amazing people. I also believe that one of my purposes is sharing these experiences with you all. I’ll keep today’s post short, because let’s face it, by this point i’m slightly delirious, but here are the top five lessons learned from my experience with the Pope at the White House today.

1. Positive mind, positive vibes, positive ife. We were surrounded by A LOT of people today, waiting for hours, with really nowhere to sit. I this time I overheard a lot of people complain about the situation, pre-determining how badly the crowds were going to be, and being negative about what could go wrong. In really trying hard to stay positive, I kept thinking about what all could go right.  And guess what? Everything went amazingly smooth. We somehow made it to the very front of the line, we somehow were guided to the most perfect spot to sit (a luxury) and had a perfect view to see the events. We also were then surrounded by the nicest people. Your vibe attracts your reality. What reality do you want to attract?

2. Faith is the tie that binds. Religion can be a divisive issue, however faith really is the thread that brings us all together. Despite what religion you choose to practice, we all have faith and belief in something. It’s really magical to be surrounded by people who are inspired by faith.

3. Compassion is the cure. Pope Francis spoke mostly about making it our mission to help those in need. Everyone is connected, and so everyone deserves the opportunity to live an amazing life. I can think of no better purpose in life, than to be a force of compassion in the world.

4. Change is always possible. The other key issue Pope Francis addressed was climate change, which, let’s face it, is a huge issue. He spoke on how the time is now to make the changes that will benefit our shared home for generations to come. Even when you think you are out of time, just remember that change is always possible.

5. Have patience, and enjoy whatever the present moment brings to you. The entire event lasted about 45 minutes, however, we sat in the stands and waited for about six hours. The practice of being present and having patience allowed me to truly take in each moment of the day and have gratitude for all that I experienced.

6. We are all one. There were 15,000 people in the stands today, and not one of them felt more entitled of better than the other. I kept hearing how Pope Francis didn’t want the event to have VIP’s, because he wanted everyone to be a VIP. Can you imagine a world where we treated everyone like the VIP’s that they actually are? Everyone matters!

I am so inspired after today’s events, despite whatever differences we all share, I’m filled with hope when I hear so many people speak about how we can make this world a more peaceful, loving, compassionate place. I’m really grateful to Pope Francis for using his voice to bring positive change to some of these major issues that we have in the world. I hope these little lessons from today inspire you to be that change in your own lives and communities, as Gandhi says, “be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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