Celebrate Your Strengths


Yesterday I was listening to my dear friend, Dr. Joy Jacobs’ Periscope (if you don’t know who she is find her fast because she’s amazing), where she pulled a card for me for my theme of the day. She pulled “focus on your strengths” and proceeded to tell me how perfect of a blog that would be, especially given my most recent posts. Dr. Joy is a genius so naturally I took her advice.

It’s pretty obvious to say that I am very, very immersed in the self-help world. I attend like every lecture and take almost every training and workshop, and then in-turn, I also teach the principles I’ve been taught. This community has given me purpose and joy, and I couldn’t love it more or be more grateful for what it has brought into my life.

There is, however, a caveat in the self-help journey. It’s the “I need to be fixed mentality”. I say this, because for this longest time, this was me. I thought I had everything in the world wrong with me and that I needed to do EVERYTHING to try and be a semblance of a whole person, or that I had to obtain all the credentials to even dip a toe in the big leagues. I had a very small vision of myself, and so, I focused on my weaknesses, the lack, rather than my strengths.

I think we all do this in some sense because that seems to be what self-help is all about. Finding what’s wrong with you and learning how to fix it. Full circle moment, how perfect it is that this is the card that was chosen for me? Synchronicity at it’s finest, people.

So here is my response to it all.

Michelle’s self-help 101: to create a positive life you must have a positive mindset. Yes, it’s important to work through trauma, insecurities, damaging patterns, but it’s even more important to not dwell in them and let them define you. How can we possibly be the magnificent people that we are meant to be if we are constantly thinking of how we are in lack and not good enough? Insanity!

Today, I challenge you to solely focus on your strengths; what you’re good at, what sets your soul on fire, what makes you feel like the truest, most authentic form of you. And just notice what happens. And then, maybe tell me about it, because I want to know and I’m pretty positive it’s going to be a game-changer.

I certainly was for me 😉

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