Creating Healthy Habits and Rituals


How we spent our time matters a lot, especially how we spend our free time. Lately I’ve learned the value of daily habits and rituals. Sometimes I feel rebellious and try to make myself believe I don’t need habits and rituals in my life, and time after time I’m proven wrong. The special things you do on a daily basis are what make life magical and meaningful. Your daily habits and rituals are your non-negotiables, things that are musts in your day. My journey on a spiritual path is always trial and error. I find what works for me and I find what doesn’t. What I’ve also found is how important it is to follow your intuition on what your daily habits and rituals are. If you’re looking to build your day around purposeful and soulful habits here is an example of what I do on the regular:

  1. Wake up (and try my hardest not to look at my phone)
  2. A prayer of gratitude for a new day. (I just love waking up and in my mind thanking life or another day.)
  3. Drink a big glass of water! (It’s so important to hydrate first thing in the morning!)
  4. Morning meditation (this usually varies on type and time, but I always make sure to start my day with quiet, reflective time.)
  5. Angel card reading with journaling (I love to pull three cards from any deck of angel cards as a way to tap into the divine guidance for the day and also as a way to tap into my intuition.)
  6. Hot water with lemon (An amazing way to detox before you get your day going.)
  7. Morning exercise (yoga, Pilates, weight training, or sometimes cardio, I love to get moving first thing in the morning.)
  8. Mindfulness through out the day (try and stay focused on one activity at a time.)
  9. Reading for inspiration at night (I love to unwind with a great inspirational book.)
  10. Mental gratitude list right before bed (Ending my day in gratitude for all that has happened that day is so amazing and a wonderful way to ease your mind before sleep.)

What are your healthy habits and daily rituals? Let me know in the comments below!

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