Feel the Feelings and Come Back to Love


Days like today we reflect on the past. As I write this, I sit on an airplane at 35,000 feet, which feels very odd, with nothing else to do but reflect. What comes up for me? Feelings.

This morning I walked into my gym like it was any other Friday, and saw on the TV’s replays of the events that transpired 14 years ago. Feelings.

I walked into a significantly less crowded and noticeably quiet NYC airport today. Feelings.

I sit here, listening to complete strangers tell stories to each other of where they were on this day 14 years ago, as a way to connect and reflect. Feelings.

So many feelings come up on a day like today: sadness, anger, fear, uncertainty, and love. Of all these feelings, love resonates loudest.

Tragedies rock us to our core and make us question everything that we know of in this world, but the beautiful silver lining to tragedy is inherent return to love and compassion. I find myself striving to just a little kinder to every person I counter today because in reflective moments like this I truly remember that we are all one.

Feelings are a beautiful barometer for life. We must feel each and every one of them when they arise in life. After that, it’s up to us to choose which ones we will dwell in. I choose to dwell in love, acceptance, and compassion. What will you choose?

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