Have Faith in Things Not Seen


I recently had a situation happen where the outcome wasn’t necessarily what I expected. And I was pissed about it. Not because I have the belief that everything always works out how I want it to, but because in this particular situation I had a strong faith that my specific desires were going to be manifested. And they were, but again not in the exact way that I expected. While venting to my mom about how upset I was about it, she schooled me about what it really means to have faith. And then I remembered the quote “don’t quit give minutes before the miracle”. And then I realized I had it all wrong. My mom asked me, “how do you have faith in the things that aren’t’ seen?” I really had to think about that. She then suggested to me that this would be a perfect blog for me to write.

So here it is.

Faith can be one of the hardest, yet one of the most important things to have in this world. But what is faith exactly? I used to think faith strictly related to religion. Which is kind of correct. But for me now, faith simply believing in something, or even believing in a force greater than yourself.

Faith means believing that everything unfolds exactly as t should.

Faith means trusting that you don’t always have to know how things are going to work out.

Faith means knowing that you are always being guided.

Faith means surrender.

When you are aligned with this belief, life becomes magical and you have no choice but to continue living that way. Once you have a taste of how life feels when you live in faith, you can’t go back.

The trick is, it takes a leap of faith, to rely on faith.

So I ask you this, are you willing to take the leap?

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