Life Lessons from Instagram


I believe that everything in life can be some sort of teacher, and so, I weirdly say to you today, Instagram has been one of my biggest thus far.

I know that sentence probably sounds bizarre and gross, because Instagram is a social media platform, but I promise you, there’s depth to it. Social media, mainly Instagram, has greatly encouraged me to live the life of my dreams, and although at times it has its drawbacks, it has brought so much goodness into my life.

If you need to shift your social media perception, here are some of the biggest life’s lessons Instagram has taught me in life so far:

  1. Be authentic. Much like you wouldn’t want to post something that doesn’t feel good and real to you, this also translates to not doing things that are inauthentic to you.
  2. Let go of what people think about you. I used to care SO much about what people thought about me, and so I would hold back, on social media, and in life. That’s crazytown, allow the world to see the real you.
  3. Go after everything that you want in life. Your life is yours to be created, so do whatever it takes to manifest your dream life. Just like people envy insta-celebs, become the your own celebrity of your life.
  4. Don’t compare to others. A HUGE one when it comes to social media. We compare followers, likes, comments, popularity, filters…there’s so much. There was a time that Instagram made me depressed, and it was because I was constantly comparing my life to the fabulousness I was seeing on a little app on my phone. Just, don’t do it.
  5. Appreciate the little things. I used to think I had nothing to post if nothing was happening to me that was “instagrammable”. Now I’ve learned that technically, every moment can be “instagrammable” because really, the present moment is all we have, and it should be cherished and valued.
  6. Accept where you are right now. Life unfolds exactly as it should in divine timing; so don’t spend your time again, comparing yourself to someone else’s timeline. Be in a space of gratitude for where you are right now.
  7. Surround yourself with love. Believe it or not, I have cultivated really wonderful relationships with people over Instagram, who are now apart of my tribe. Like attracts like, so when you follow some of the other lessons above, you’ll call in the magical people you’re meant to walk this earth with. Love breeds love.
  8. Moderation is key. Just like everything else in life, be mindful with how you spend your time. Social media can be a time vacuum, remember to step away from the phone and live life in real time every once in a while. :)




2 thoughts on “Life Lessons from Instagram

  1. Thank you for sharing what Instagram has taught you. I am constantly inspired by the people I follow and random posts. If I am needing a vibrational energy lifter, I can count on this tool to do the job!💜💞

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