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The concept of a tribe, a squad, or a clique is hot right now. Thank you, Taylor Swift.

I think it’s really amazing because it highlights the value and importance of a having a tribe that supports you, understands you, and will be there for you, no matter what.

While it’s important to be independent and feel whole and secure within yourself, having people in your life that can lift you up and remind you of your wholeness makes life that much sweeter. I’m so, so grateful for my tribe. I have some really amazingly, magical, wonderful people in my life.

But I haven’t always felt that way.

I’ve spent a lot of time in my life being alone, weaving in and out of friendships, camouflaging into different groups because I thought it was cool, hiding the real me to fit in, and feeling insecure because I didn’t have a friend base that made me feel great. I’m in no way bashing past friendships in my life, because I love everyone who has been with me on my path thus far.  I truly believe that all of our relationships in life are assignments, and that there are no accidents. So if in fact, I have gone through some less than functional relationships, I know that it was for a reason, and to teach me some really great stuff. Like, maybe even enough to write a blog about it…

Finding your squad isn’t hard, but it does take work. Inner work. Finding your squad starts with you. You really have you know yourself, what makes you happy, what sets your soul on fire, and how you really want to feel on a regular basis, to attract the squad that makes other people in the world hashtag #squadgoals.

When you live your true, authentic, amazing self, you will naturally attract the people that fit that true, authentic, amazing vibe. It’s just the way the world works. So, if you’re still looking for your tribe, don’t worry, they’re out there and you’ll find them…the second you find yourself.

I encourage you to go inward and connect with yourself. Become your own best friend. The rest will fall into place, promise!

And for those of you who have your squads, tribes, and cliques…be grateful for them, show them you appreciate them, and let them know you love them. <3


5 thoughts on “Tribe Love

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post! (and you!!) I so agree that finding your tribe starts with finding yourself. I always felt lonely growing up even when surrounded by my friends. And it is because I hadn’t found or embraced my true self yet. As soon as I started to my squad members arrived and I no longer feel alone! xo

      1. Congratulations Michelle!!!!! Awesomeness all around, I mean that sister! Thank you for opening your heart and expressing the real you! I am truly blessed and grateful for our friendship and sisterhood, from our first ABC Carpet class together to the lunch at Le Pain that followed!!! We are never alone, we have OURSELVES and we have our Squad, TRIBE LOVE, the miraculous gift of finding yourself. xo💞

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