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Episode 18:  Finding Peace in the Present – Part 2

June 21, 2022

Episode 18:  Finding Peace in the Present – Part 2

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In a follow up from last week’s episode about being present, Barb and Michelle dive into the habits that tend to take us out of the present moment, and what we can start to do today, to bring us where our feet are. Remembering that the present moment is where you have all your power.

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Episode Notes:

  •  Studies show 85% of the things we worry about do not happen, and the 15% of the things that do happen, we handle better than we thought we would. 
  • Common life instances that keep us from being mindful and in the present:
    • Worry and anxiety
    • Boredom and restlessness
    • Impatience
  • If you are feeling these feelings, take a moment to pause and see where your feet are.
  • Remember the good that comes from tapping into the new patterns of being more focused and mindful. 
  • Some of the benefits that come from being present and focused are:
    • Having more productive action.
    • Being able to recognize the tiny joys.
    • More confidence.
    • More energy.

Resources Mentioned in Today’s Podcast:

A Wandering Mind Not a Happy Mind

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