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Episode 21: The #1 Habit We Are Trying To Break

July 12, 2022

Episode 21:  The #1 Habit We Are Trying To Break

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In this week’s episode, Barb and Michelle talk about the #1 habit they are trying to break in their relationships…and it might surprise you! 

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Episode Notes:

  • The desire we have to change other human beings is natural.
  • A person isn’t going to change unless they truly want to. You can’t love someone out of their mindset or beliefs.
  • People will always do what they want to do, what they feel driven to do and what matters to them.       
  • Make a realistic decision on where this person or people fit into your life based on who they are and not on who you wish they could be.                               
  • Have a connection with yourself to know who you are, what you want, and what you value.
    • Be able to communicate these values with your loved ones.
    • Ask yourself are you okay with this? Are you okay with how a person may feel or think differently than you do about a situation?
  • Focus on the things you can control.
  • Give people a chance to transform themselves by themselves.
  • Use your energy and time and your precious resources to speak up and speak out and do what matters most to you.
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