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Episode 22: Our Favorite Self-Care Practice

July 19, 2022

Episode 22: Our Favorite Self-Care Practice

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In this week’s episode, Barb and Michelle talk about their favorite self-care practice, setting boundaries. In this conversation, they break down what a boundary is, why it’s so helpful for us to set them, and why this practice is truly the ultimate form of self-care. 

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Episode Notes:

Boundaries allow us to have more compassion. 

Boundaries are not about the other person. They are about self-care and empowering yourself.

How do we set boundaries for ourselves?

  • Notice within your life the trigger points that brings complaining. 
  • Remove yourself from situations that don’t align with your beliefs. 
  • Don’t share private information with people who haven’t earned your trust. 
  • Choose to mute or unfollow people that don’t make you feel good about yourself. 

When communicating your boundaries:

  • State your needs. Use “I” statements, such as “I need”. Avoid “you” statements and words like never, always, all the time. 
  • Be open to listening and engaging with the person you are communicating with. 

Top four tips for setting healthy boundaries:

  1. Be clear about what the boundary is. 
  2. Keep it simple enough for someone to remember it. 
  3. Do not apologize when setting the boundary. It sends mixed messages. 
  4. Be consistent when reinforcing your boundaries. 

Resources Mentioned in Today’s Podcast:

Brené Brown

Set Boundaries, Find Peace: A Guide to Reclaiming Yourself by Nedra Glover Tawwab  

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