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Episode 3: Your Body Is Your Home

March 8, 2022

Episode 3: Your Body Is Your Home

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We’ve all felt the pressure and expectation of body image and diet culture.  If we want to create changes in any aspect of our lives, it has to start with us. In this week’s episode, Barb and Michelle dive into body shaming and the language we use around speaking about each other’s bodies. Barb vulnerably shares her own story and struggles with eating disorders, and her path to recovery. 

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Episode Notes:

  • You are the boss of your own mind. 
  • Connect with your body through yoga, meditation or however you feel best allows you to take a moment to be present and mindful.
  • Are you HALTY? 
    • Don’t allow yourself to become hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. 
  • Take A Pause – Take a pause before you react

Resources Mentioned in Today’s Podcast:

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