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Episode 34: How We Become Trustworthy

October 11, 2022

Episode 34: How We Become Trustworthy

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This week’s episode of the podcast tackles the tricky and oftentimes elusive issue of trust. We all want to be in trusting relationships and also be that person that the people in our lives cna rely on, authentically. Barb and Michelle will walk you through what they believe to be the keys to cultivating trust for yourself and for others. 

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Episode Notes:

Trusting yourself begins with loving yourself.

  • Be careful with who you trust.
  • Take a pause. Have they earned it?
  • How does that person make you feel?

What are some qualities and characteristics of someone who is trustworthy and someone who trusts?

  • Clear and honest communication
  • Great listener. Who listens without judgment and with empathy and care
  • Compassionate & Understanding
  • Reliability
  • Actions match words
  • Authenticity
  • Integrity

References Mentioned in Today’s Podcast:

Brené Brown – Anatomy of Trust

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