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Episode 4: It’s Not Personal

March 15, 2022

Episode 4: It’s Not Personal

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Are you someone who internalizes the actions and words of other people? Do you find yourself taking things very personally? If so, you’re not alone! It’s common to feel sensitive about what other people do, especially in how it relates to us. In this week’s episode, Michelle and Barb dive into how we can start to not take what people do personally, and find freedom in doing so. 

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Episode Notes:

  •  What is Triggered?  
    • Triggered means that someone has done something or said something that creates an emotion. This emotion could be rooted in a past trauma. It’s a conditional behavioral response. 
  • Name it to tame it.
  •  Awareness is the key to life.
  • Just pause.
  • The power of choice.

Resources Mentioned in Today’s Podcast:

  •  Viktor Frankl – “Between stimulus and response there is space. In that space is our power to choose our response.”
  • Michelle’s Blog
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