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Episode 51: The Sugar Jar & Yasmine Cheyenne

February 7, 2023

Episode 51:  The Sugar Jar & Yasmine Cheyenne

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In a very special episode of Barb Knows Best, Michelle and Barb are joined by dear friend, author of the just-released book, The Sugar Jar, coach, and speaker, Yasmine Cheyenne. This intimate and vulnerable conversation dives into the topics of real self-care, life changes and transitions, and how to maintain a centering practice to connect with yourself, through it all. Follow us @MichelleMaros and @Peaceful_Barb and share your experiences with us @BarbKnowsBestPod or at  www.michellemaros.com/podcast.

Episode Notes

Helpful Takeaways from Our Conversation with Yasmine Cheyenne:

  • Try to follow the 24-hour rule before making any decision to help you establish boundaries and choose yourself.  Ask yourself:
    • Do I have space for this?
    • Do I have time for this?
    • Is this in alignment with what I said I want to do this year?
    • And is this for me?  
  • Give yourself grace because you are going to make choices that are not go the way you intended.
  • Healing is a forever process. It’s not a decision. We are all still healing each day.  
  • You are the only person who knows what you need.

References Mentioned in Today’s Podcast:

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