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Episode 57: Reading For Inspiration Part 2

March 21, 2023

Episode 57: Reading For Inspiration Part 2

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Join Barb and Michelle for part 2 of their conversation about their favorite inspirational reads. They had so much to say, and so many books to share they needed more than one episode! Follow us @MichelleMaros and @Peaceful_Barb and share your experiences with us @BarbKnowsBestPod or at  www.michellemaros.com/podcast.

Episode Notes:

Seek inspiration from a person but keep your own unique path.

Barb’s Favorite Memoir:

Barb’s Favorite Re-read:

Barb’s Favorite Book to Give as a Gift:

Barb’s Favorite Audiobook:

Michelle’s Favorite Audiobook:

Barb’s Favorite Audio Book When You Feel Like You Are Losing Yourself:

Barb’s Favorite Book for Transitions in Life:

Barb and Michelle’s Favorite Book for Teens:

Michelle’s Overall Self-Help Favorite:

References Mentioned in Today’s Podcast:

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